Free Download SOLO Typing Tutor 9

SOLO Typing Tutor 9

Free Download SOLO Typing Tutor 9

SOLO Typing Tutor software will help you to suitable your typing fingers and with a little practice, improve your typing speed. typing tutor software has a variety of lessons and exams to test you that all of them along with a virtual keyboard and 3D, in an environment of uniformity graphics and beautiful user interface designed to be tired. Overall, the software for typists are starting to worry about your typing speed and reliability, is very good. The important function of this software include: user-friendly interface, speed typing, typing errors reduced, three-dimensional keyboard, typing in troubled areas, helping entertaining animated T-boy, 10-finger typing training and … can be mentioned. After typing all the data related to speed and reliability in typing, it can be seen that this test has a different solidity gate.

Some features of free typing software:

  • Environment and engaging with the keyboard, 3D design
  • Having more than 100 tests to measure your typing speed
  • Ability to show results as you type data
  • Helpful guidelines and detailed details of many jokes and samples

Download Now Free Typing Tutor 9

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